Example Outline

Name: Your name

Period: your period

Class: English 1

Instructor: Ms. Rami

Date: April 26, 2011

Title __Register Nurse – Career Research_

  1. Introduction
    1. _Action Getter – Hook
    2. _Why do you want to do this?
    3. _Transition statement – Interesting fact
  2. Body
    1. _Describe your job
      1. _Describe what you do
      2. _Ways that help people_
      3. Transition statement
    2. _Education
      1. Type of education needed for this job
      2. Training needed
      3. Cost of education
      4. Years of education needed
      5. What college should you attend?
    3. _Money/Benefits
      1. ______________________________
      2. ______________________________
    4. Aptitude and Attitude
      1. ______________________________
      2. ______________________________
    5. Typical Day
  3. Conclusion
    1. ______________________________
    2. ______________________________

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  • Education and training requirements for coaches vary greatly by the level and type of sport. Some people start by coaching young kids on recreation teams. Then they might become high school coaches. To become a professional coach, it takes many years of coaching experience and a winning record in high school or college sports.

    High school coaches who are mainly teachers must have a college degree. Most high schools prefer to hire a teacher who already works there and is willing to coach part time. Those who are not teachers must meet State requirements for certification in order to become a coach. Coaches need to take courses in exercise, sports science, and physical education.

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